With the challenges faced by managers in the plumbing industry, it’s important to have a management company that can adapt to your company’s needs.

The Pinnacle Group offers a range of solutions to help you better navigate pitfalls and build a stronger foundation for your plumbing business. These aren’t just patchwork fixes. They’re part of our holistic approach to solving your pressing business concerns and aligning you for success. 

Team up with us and get more time to focus on your business’ core competencies. HERE’S HOW WE HELP:

  • We’ll analyze your current personnel policies and procedures, and identify any gaps in compliance.
  • We’ll identify more efficient ways to handle important details, including payroll, taxes, employee benefits, health insurance, workers’ compensation coverage, workplace safety programs, compliance with federal and state employment laws, labor and workplace regulatory requirements and related administrative responsibilities.
  • Determine your plumbing company’s profitability by looking at employee efficiency, cost of materials, and look at profit/loss models.